Flying drones: the most impressive videos of 2014 – The invasion of the drones has already begun. But not all of them are hostile as the ones used by the U.S. Army. On the contrary, the commercial flying drones can be fantastic video operators, nosy observers and can also make us laugh a lot.

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The models on the market are now hundreds. Anyone can buy a cheap one for as low as $ 30. The affordability of the flying drones is one of the reasons that turned them into the digital gadget of the year. According to unofficial sources, Amazon sells more than 10 thousand of them every month.

Piloting a flying drone is easy, but not as much as you could think. The FAA records a 40% monthly increase in accidents caused by these objects and their unwary pilots. And in fact the flying drones can give us beautiful images and emotions, but also laughter, with videos that quickly become viral.

We have collected below the most viral videos made by flying drones so far.

The eagle which smashed down the flying drone

Software developer Christopher Schmidt was flying his drone over Cambridge, Massachusetts without knowing that he had invaded the territory of an eagle. The eagle, for its part, must have remained perplexed by that metallic bird buzzing in her area and so it suddenly attacked, smashing down the drone in seconds. This video is on Youtube and has been seen so far from nearly 4.5 million people.

A bumling drone pilot gives a just married couple an unexpected present

As we said, piloting flying drones is not easy. And it’s definitely more complicated than shooting a picture. A bumbling drone pilot gave a good demonstration in Mayflower, Arkansas. He decided to use his new drone to immortalize a just married couple who kissed at their wedding day. A try as you will see, which has miserably failed.

Dolphins and whales dances under flying drones eyes in Maui and California

Capt. Dave Anderson shot this astonishing in Maui and California. Endless schools of dolphins and whales play and dances under the eye of Dave’s flying drone. It became a very viral video in hours, so you have maybe seen it already. But, hey: it’s just 4 minutes. Why don’t you give it another shot.

Video proves Ukrainian army uses flying drones in action

The Ukrainian army cannot yet afford the super American war drones but still uses flying drones in Chechnya. This video shot by a serviceman during a spying Mission against Russian separatists prove it. After a few minutes of flight the drone is discovered by the separatists, who tries to shoot it down with a machine gun.

Caught in topless on a rooftop by an indiscreet drone

Sooner or later someone will have to think about the impact of flying drones privacy policy. This viral video shows an Australian girl victim of a kid that spied her rooftop topless with his indiscrete flying drone. The video also shows her while trying to fend off the drone with a broom.