Funny animals live. 5 Most Hilarious Youtube Humour Clips

Funny animals live. The most hilarious Youtube humour Clips (TBL) – Funny animal videos on Youtube? There are millions! But for the most part they’re funny only for their authors. There are things that technology changes and others that will always be the same. Humor belongs in the latter category. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard to find pro shoots among funny animal videos on Youtube. It is extremely hard to design something to make people laugh, especially if animals plays a leading role. The funny animal video that made us laughing to tears and we shared instantly were especially those caught quite by accident from real life.

Funny animal videos don’t get on Youtube from a professional camera but a mobile phone

And it’s often so, with a phone randomly in your hands, that network comedy is born. Or rather, much of it. Among funny animals videos from Youtube, there are many relevant exceptions. What about the tragicomic television “oops” category? Or the vicissitudes of poor kittens, facing the impossible only to become funny animals and, who knows, even viral?

Funny animals or human unsuspecting victims?

Kittens, dogs, otters, squirrels, parrots, monkeys, pandas, …. There is no limit to what some “individuals” can do to make us die of laughter. Here is a selection of five short videos of funny animals you may like to watch.

The squirrel dramatic look

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This video has made its appearance on Youtube in 2006 and is a clip of a Japanese TV program. The background music is a fragment of the soundtrack of Young Frankenstein. Among the most viewed funny animal videos in history, has received more than 50 million hits and has earned even a page of its own on Wikipedia.

The cat suggests not to call X-Factor

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More than a million visits to this video, which is online only from 14 may 2014. The girl called Idina Menzei, engages in Karaoke, but her kitten has evidently a different agenda.

The beagle that play dead at Letterman Show

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Beagles are known to be smart dogs. But Milo, special guest during the David Letterman Show in 2009, has removed any doubt. After a few Letterman’s sketches, the owner told Milo “play dead” and, well, watch yourself (if you already didn’t)…

Another squirrel that turn the whole situation upside down

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This involuntary gag happened in Montreal, Canada, on November 17, 2014. A group of GoPro’s enthusiasts (a tiny camera for extreme footage) was hunting for funny animals to shoot. But they ran into the wrong squirrel!

Stumbling people makes us laugh. But when it comes to a puppy…

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We’ve found dozens of falling funny animals. But let’s face it, in this case, the Huffington Post did a great job. Then, enjoy this compilation of the most hilarious falls of 2014.