I hate Christmas. Say it on Twitter in 12 different languages – Take a look at Google tonight: you will be surprised how many words have been spent by people who hate Christmas. Well, of course, they love it: the family, the presents, the tree and, oh my, those cheesy songs…

You get nothing less than 97,7 million occurrences on Google for “I hate Christmas”. And on top there is a Facebook page which sports a bold 2,278 likes from all over the world. Also, just beside it, there are two funny posts: “17 Struggles People Who Hate Christmas Have To Deal With” and “10 reasons why I hate Christmas“. In December 2013, 1,7 million people actually searched “I hate Christmas.” online!

Indeed, it looks like we hate Christmas much more than what we admit. That’s why we have decided to give you the unique opportunity to tweet your real feeling about tonight. And not in English only, but in 20 different languages.

Just click on the language of your choice and tweet. It is that simple.

And, of course, Marry Christmas everyone!

Tweet: I hate Christmas, in 12 different languages

In inglese: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]I hate Christmas![/inlinetweet]

I hate Christmas Inglese English

In italian: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]Odio il Natale![/inlinetweet]

Odio il Natale in italiano Italian

In French: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]Je déteste Noël![/inlinetweet]

Je déteste Noël Francese French

In Spanish: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]Odio la Navidad[/inlinetweet]

Odio la Navidad Spanish Spagnolo

In Russian: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]Я ненавижу Рождество[/inlinetweet]

Odio il Natale Russian Russo

In Chinese: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]我讨厌圣诞[/inlinetweet]

我讨厌圣诞 Christmas Cinese Chinese

In Hebrew: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]. אני שונא את חג המולד[/inlinetweet]

. אני שונא את חג המולד Ebraico Hebrew

In Turkish: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]Noel’den nefret ediyorsun.[/inlinetweet]

Noel'den nefret ediyorsun. Turco Turkish

In Finnish: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]Vihaan joulua[/inlinetweet]

Vihaan joulua Finlandese Finland

In Arabic: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]میں کرسمس سے نفرت[/inlinetweet]

میں کرسمس سے نفرت Arab Arabo

In Japanese: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]クリスマスを嫌い[/inlinetweet]

クリスマスを嫌い Giapponese Japanese

In Vietnamese: [inlinetweet prefix=”#xmas” tweeter=”via @loftvox” suffix=”null”]Tôi ghét Giáng sinh[/inlinetweet]

Tôi ghét Giáng sinh Vietnam