News bloopers hold a very special place in the outtakes history. To see or hear something silly from a neighborhood, a colleague, or even a baseball player can happen: we laugh, but we accepted it. But when it comes to a TV host even a tiny mistake has sound chances to become hilarious, and, of course, viral on the internet.
Hence, plenty of people collect news bloopers every day, giving us the chance to spend hours of fun. Of course, this wouldn’t be possible without the priceless collaboration of those greatest out takers.
Thank you all, so.

Ten news bloopers that will make you day

Any synonymous for sausage, please?


Being a judge in a sausage-eating competition is a hit by itself. It’s even better, for the obvious double meaning, if you are a woman. If then you are also a TV show anchor and you come up with the odd idea to tell the story to your audience in a live show the risk of a looper increases dramatically. In fact, that’s what happened.

The hunt for Rodney “the hamster.”


The story behind this blooper is sad. Molly Anne Bish, a 16 years old American girl, disappeared on June 27, 2000. Sadly, she was found dead three years later. Every national broadcaster covered the story almost daily for months, but look what happened to this unlucky anchorwoman during a daytime news update.

Rodney “the hamster”: so scary!

What Shep said about Jennifer


It’s November 2002, and Shepard Smith, class 64, is briefing his audience as usual. Although, when it comes to Jennifer Lopez, Shepard clearly sees what Jennifer is doing at that very moment, and he unintentionally shares his inner his dreams. The result went straight into the history of the top news bloopers ever.

Thank’s Shep: you absolutely made my day. Again.

Vasectomy. Did I say something funny?


FOX. Again. The TV host opens a story about how vasectomy is a convenient birth control system in some particular situations. But it takes just a few seconds for him to start laughing hysterically when the footage starts showing men’s pants at that “exact” height.

Gay… Blind.. Quite the same, right?


Can a gay climb the Mount Everest? Of course not! At least this is what the poor anchorwoman thought during this now famous news update, which features now more than 3 Million views on Youtube. The right verb should have been blind, but probably the presenter thought to herself something like: “How in the world this guy can be straight and still decide to love a mountain instead of me?”

Freezing as a gunshot


Look at this man: clearly an experienced reporter in his fifty, used to face any extreme situation and ready for action. He always knows what to do. And he knows it now. So, he came up with the greatest idea: “Why don’t I sync my speech with the shooting behind me?. It will look like being in the middle of a bank robbery. Amazing!”
Amazing, indeed.

Journalism classes: the saddest news blooper ever


“I can give you a lesson on how to be an editor because I was your boss once.” “Yes, you were and you’re no longer. How would that happened?”
Such a sad fight between two old journalists doesn’t exactly fit the news blooper definition. Anyway, it is a pre-paid ticket to retirement for both of them.

Captain Sum Ting Wong and his crew


No. This is not an excerpt from an Austin Powers’s film. Nevertheless, the name list of this flight’s pilots jumped right into the news bloopers top 10. There is nothing funny for a Japanese, of course. But in English those names are not exactly neutral, don’t you think?

Be serious, please. It is a crime, after all!


Michigan, 9 AM, Morning News. A crime has been committed. A woman is dead. A murderer is running. And an anchor is telling the story live in front of the camera. Everything is fine until a picture of the killer goes live on the screen. I am not sure I would have done better than the poor host if I were in her shoes.

Stop it: a live burp is not such a big deal!


He is hosting a TV game show and everything is just doing fine. But we know: the burp is always ready to hit. So it does and he, the victim, start laughing with hope to quit. His colleagues has had to remove him physically.